Management and Consulting


HuTech Resources provides consulting to physician practices and health care organizations. Our consulting services are designed to meet the needs of practices that are either:

1. Looking for a variety of ways to optimize their practice.

2. Working to maintain itself as an independent practice.

The role of consultant is to help you identify real problems that are affecting both your revenue and patient care. The difference between HuTech Consulting and other outside groups is that we work exclusively with independent practices and doctors. Our office’s resources and consulting services have been built to best handle the unique operational problems you face each day.

We have consulted clients across the United States on a number of issues. Here are some of the consulting services we provide:

Practice Operations

  • Practice Assessment – a comprehensive operational review of your practice
  • Revenue Cycle Assessment
  • Policy, Procedure & Protocol analysis and development
  • Training and on-going education of billing office staff
  • Coding and documentation review
  • Fee schedule analysis
  • Payer contract analysis & negotiation guidance

Technology and Data

  • Electronic Health Records assessment & workflow optimization
  • Review of Practice Management Software use & optimization
  • EDI optimization – ensures your practice is fully using automated tools from payers
  • PM Software support and advanced user training (specific to Allscripts PM)
  • Productivity and Data analysis

Our consulting services aren’t offered just for today’s problems. With decades working in the healthcare industry, we’ve been able to lead practices through major changes and challenges. We believe that our short-term and long-term planning will best aid a practice in otherwise troubling times.

By keeping ahead of industry changes, we’re able to serve both you and your patients with the most up to date knowledge and guidance. Our attention to your individual needs allows us to help build a roadmap towards professional and personal success for you and your practice.

What our clients have to say

“HuTech assumed responsibility for accounts receivable management for my new dermatology practice and proceeded to provide me with needed assistance in all areas of the practice. They put in the computers, trained my staff, helped to create the forms to be used and even took over as a call center to schedule appointments in an emergency. I very much appreciate their assistance.”

– Owner / Lead Physician, Milwaukee Area Dermatology Group