Training and Support

Health Information Technology

Training and Support

It’s more than just finding the right system. The transition to a new PM or EHR, or the optimizing of an existing system, requires continued guidance. We provide training and ongoing support to ensure a successful implementation and valued tool for you and your staff.

Implementing an Electronic Health Record or Practice Management system requires strategic planning and a keen understanding of your practice’s needs. With complex software like this, it’s crucial that careful consideration of workflows and priorities are given from the beginning of the implementation process.

Deployment of your new systems can be server based, cloud-based, or hosted in HuTech’s Tier 1 data center. We can help determine the information technology that’s right for your practice.

Setting up a system, or integrated systems, requires a plan that is customized to your practice. HuTech can help formulate the right plan, and provide oversight, training, and support to ensure execution of the plan stays on track.

Our initial training allows your staff to become comfortable with the new system in a realistic, practical time frame that helps to develop staff buy-in and support for the changes at hand. Our dedicated team of professionals has been training users on EHR and PM systems for over a decade and have gained valuable perspective to help guide your practice to a successful implementation.

Ongoing training and system optimization are essential pieces in establishing best practices and standards for getting the most out of your technology investment. It can often take months of use before staff begin to understand the full capacity of a PM or EHR. In that time, areas for improvement are identified and advanced user training can be deployed.

Most vendors are merely able to implement a system. HuTech is able to provide real world experience that can lead to a more efficient and productive use of your new Health Information Technology.

A partnership with HuTech means support through the many difficulties arising from your new systems. This is just another example of how HuTech can help you build a practice that better serves your patients, your staff, and your long term goals as a professional.

What our clients have to say

“HuTech assumed responsibility for accounts receivable management for my new dermatology practice and proceeded to provide me with needed assistance in all areas of the practice. They put in the computers, trained my staff, helped to create the forms to be used and even took over as a call center to schedule appointments in an emergency. I very much appreciate their assistance.”

– Owner / Lead Physician, Milwaukee Area Dermatology Group