Practice Assessment

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Practice Assessment

Optimizing your practice requires well thought strategy. We don’t just take a template and apply it to your unique situation. By assessing the needs of your individual practice, we can customize our approach to best serve you and your patients.

Often, providers in independent practice struggle to balance patient care with time spent on business activities. These day to day rigors can take you away from analyzing critical areas necessary for continual growth. HuTech offers a team of medical business experts trained to evaluate the unique needs of your practice. By assessing both strengths and weaknesses, we’re able to develop a detailed plan for your immediate and your long-term improvement. Key assessment areas include:

  • Identification of Unrecognized Cost Savings
  • Comparative and Financial Analysis of Practice Data
  • Patient Flow and Staff Efficiency Study
  • Evaluation of Space Utilization
  • Assessment of Documentation and Coding

Allocating staff time and defining roles and responsibilities are ongoing challenges for a medical practice. Whether addressing the issues of staff turnover or the ever-changing legislative and payer guidelines, there is a need for continual staff training, review, and re-training.

A careful analysis of workflow accompanied by written job descriptions for all positions will aid in staff comprehension of responsibilities and create an environment that can better adapt to changing needs and priorities. We can provide step by step staff instructions for routine tasks to help your practice maintain consistency, and to clearly communicate expectations for your team.

What our clients have to say

“HuTech assumed responsibility for accounts receivable management for my new dermatology practice and proceeded to provide me with needed assistance in all areas of the practice. They put in the computers, trained my staff, helped to create the forms to be used and even took over as a call center to schedule appointments in an emergency. I very much appreciate their assistance.”

– Owner / Lead Physician, Milwaukee Area Dermatology Group