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Financial Analysis and Reporting

Better decisions are made when more information is available. HuTech combines our expertise, proven methodology, and market-leading technology to properly manage your data and help you achieve your goals.

Every practice has both strengths and weaknesses. Knowing where your practice stands in regards to key areas of operation can help optimize revenue and improve efficiency. HuTech analyzes practice data to focus on areas that need improvement, while also finding areas that benefit your practice and patients the most. Our data shows you the essential indicators of your financial health. We then employ fundamentally sound analytics used to improve your efficiency, increase revenue, and provide a high quality patient experience.
We prefer to show you the performance of your practice, not just tell you how things are going. Each month, we put together customized reports based on performance targets, cost indicators, and the changing payer environment. Examining your practice beyond the traditional metrics is just one of the advantages that differentiates HuTech from the competition.
The performance of your practice is what drives us. HuTech believes in transparency of our efforts, so we provide reports with a real-time focus, designed to give you a clear picture and actionable information. This allows you to see the positive impact that teaming with a trusted billing and management partner can have on your practice. It also holds us accountable to achieve the results you expect from this partnership. At HuTech, we go beyond processing data and reporting numbers. We question the results and dig deep to ensure the numbers are accurate and meaningful.
What our clients have to say

“HuTech assumed responsibility for accounts receivable management for my new dermatology practice and proceeded to provide me with needed assistance in all areas of the practice. They put in the computers, trained my staff, helped to create the forms to be used and even took over as a call center to schedule appointments in an emergency. I very much appreciate their assistance.”

– Owner / Lead Physician, Milwaukee Area Dermatology Group