Payer Management

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Payer Management

Contracting and ongoing credentialing are time consuming, meticulous and highly-visible tasks within a medical office. At the same time, not all payer contracts are a benefit to you or your patient population. At HuTech, we help guide you through this puzzle so you can focus on your office and your patients.

With so many payers and contracts to manage, it can be difficult to recognize inconsistencies among reimbursements. We utilize software designed to identify discrepancies in real-time and our staff is trained to resolve these issues so your practice can resume its optimal revenue cycle. Payer management is a vital aspect of HuTech’s financial analysis and reporting as we use this data to communicate with payers and give you the tools to make decisions for your practice’s long-term excellence.

The management of enrolling and updating contracts requires a large amount of time. This is time that could otherwise be spent on patients or away from the office. HuTech is well equipped to enter payer contract negotiations on your behalf. We customize our approach to be a best fit with the operations of your office, highlighting services in which you excel to maximize your reimbursement accordingly.

What our clients have to say

“HuTech assumed responsibility for accounts receivable management for my new dermatology practice and proceeded to provide me with needed assistance in all areas of the practice. They put in the computers, trained my staff, helped to create the forms to be used and even took over as a call center to schedule appointments in an emergency. I very much appreciate their assistance.”

– Owner / Lead Physician, Milwaukee Area Dermatology Group